Monday, April 4, 2016

Heavy day of Gambling

I tried to nap but it did not seem to work, so finally I got up and went to the IP and lost $200 at JOB before I decided to go down to the Beau Rivage for some food.   This is quite the upscale place.  It is very fancy, unlike the IP which is nice, but not fancy. 
Parking at the Beau is a walk through shops to the casino.  IP is get off the elevator and there it is.

I wandered around a bit watching the action.  I stopped at the M-Life Player's Club for a card and redeemed my free buffet from MyVegas.  The price of this buffet on Saturday is  $30.  Quite a good deal for free.  Unlike some of the other MyVegas offers there is not a separate offer for lunch and dinner.  I got there during the closed time, walked and checked out the poker room, and came back with ten minutes to wait for the supper hours and there was already a line.  I listened to the chatter in line but I was quiet and no one asked me a question.  It is so unusual to be where almost all of the speakers have Southern Accents.  Fun.
The buffet was a real treat, especially for a seafood lover like me.  There were all sorts of seafood from crab legs to crawfish to fillets done in various manners to fried oysters, stuffed crabs, deep fried balls of seafood flavored hush puppies.  I concentrated on a creamy soup named after the casino which seemed to have a process broccoli.  I ate a lot of deep fried oysters and they were very good.  The crawfish tasted good as well.  I could not remember much about all the Mudgrift Alligator Dan from Louisian' had shown me in 2009, but I did okay.  Too bad ole Dan isn't alive anymore or perhaps he would have met me down here.

I did go back to the poker room and even was seated at a new game, but suddenly the old game was nearly breaking and that took most of the new game players, so rather than wait on a list when half the table were new and not leaving soon, I decided to go to the IP and play some more video poker at the IP. 
The traffic outside the Beau was thick.  I had to wait in line to exit the parking garage and I quickly decided not to try to go to Pearl, but to go back to the IP.  This hotel is easily located for IP access, just a bridge between us really, unaffected by traffic as it is a major highway 10.  I sure made a good decision.
Also, near the poker room is JOB in what is the only full pay quarter VP (with reduced points earned) in Biloxi.

At the IP they had a seat for me in 4-8 and so I played for a while.  I arrived at 5:30 and I left about midnight. I was up and down and ended down, then put what was left in the video poker and lost a bit, making the day a $297 loss and that was my trip loss so far as well since I broke even yesterday.

I loved poker at the IP.  They had a promotion that apparently the locals don't like much, so there were only a few really skilled players and some terrible folks.  I'd have left with profit if I hadn't decided to see if I might win the $500 and play to midnight.  The easy money players left and so did my cards.  Second best took me right down.
I loved the people.  Constant chatter in delightful Southern English, some joking, friendly dealers, one very lively and cute girl and a loose game.  I played Peter's 6-9 once and flopped two pair, was called to the river and won.  I had pocked Aces go to four of a kind and won just a small pot and wished I was in Ocala where the high hand award would be $250 and the Aces would probably hold up for that as they pay every half hour.  I'm always getting the best cards in places where they aren't worth much.

I loved the blinds.  It is a 4-8 game but with 1-2 blinds, so in long stretches of terrible cards I could not get blinded to death.
If I heard right they pay $2.50 an hour for play, but it is all handled by their poker room.  That seems like a lot, so I may have heard wrong.  I'm hoping I can collect today and use it toward a buffet.  I have enough points anyway, but this would save them for Vegas.
I like very much playing in a B Connected casino.  I am drifting more and more in that direction in Vegas and it is just great to be able to earn a few points here and then have them when I go next to the Gold Coast or Orleans or Sam's Town.  Also, what was left on my card I am able to use here. 

The Young at Heart Monday deals are not quite a good, but then I'm covered for Monday anyway with another MyVegas voucher for the Beau.  I can't imagine why more people here don't play for these unless as locals they are shut out from the deal.  These buffets are pricey.

My computer connections go in and out, but I set up the Califone box with a tape I made of Jonathan Schwartz radio and that is just great.  Boy, I love this box.

At my poker table were some interesting characters.  One young girl had one of those young, fresh faces that just beamed with cheer.  I loved her.  She did not stay long.  After she was gone there was some whispering form a snarky local who for some reason resented her poor play and keep talking to the dealer. 
There was one old guy with deep hound dog jowls who never smiled, or answered a comment, or did much of anything human until his friends and family showed up to take him off.  Then there was hand shaking and such all around and I thought, "Oh, this guy is human afterall"

I sat next to Mohammed and we had some good talks.  He was friendly guy and I liked him.
A good player and a regular showed up with a billion chips and watched his phone play a movie unless he was in a hand.  He played tight.  He was gone much of time too.  I think he was just getting his hours in for the promotion.  He was tight aggressive and hard to beat, but my pocket Aces took out his ace/ king although he bet every round.
There was a good looking fellow with a confederate flag on his hat who played some of the worst poker I've seen.  No wonder they lost the war.
Hardest was a quiet but very spacey Mexican who bet and called everything.  It was impossible to push him off a hand and hard to have a sense of what he held.  He was not lucky, but he had a pocketful of hundred dollar bills and just replenished after he lost an all in .  I had a 2-5 that took the pot on the river from a friendly old guy who had bet his flopped trip 4's.
A couple of young guys showed up and sat either side of me and we bantered a bit.  They were from outside New Orleans.  Quite a few folks here from New Orleans.


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