Monday, April 4, 2016


Some of this repeats in other posts, but I decided to break out my hotel comments to develop a nice report for Trip Reports. I'll edit this as I go with new thoughts.   Other folks liked this place, but few had any specific comments to make or added details.
It was a great choice for me.  I am staying four nights.
Here I had a kitchen, a room close to my car, and good location for casinos. 
It was nice to have a hot meal of leftovers when I got tired playing video poker at the IP. And cooking bacon and eggs for breakfast with some hot tea was just a great luxury at a cheap price.
There are two nice burners and a timed switch on the back wall that cuts off electricity to the entire stove after a while, like those used for heat lamps in bathrooms.
They stock the room with :  a small microwave, two plates, two bowls, assorted plasticware to use with the Teflon pans, real silverware.  All this looks brand new.Two real coffee cups.  One small glasses and two large glasses. 
I put a plastic cup in the bathroom.  No plastic here, no Styrofoam.  Nice. 
Next to the microwave is a roll of paper towels.  Mine was new.
The refrigerator is small with little space for larger things, but fine.  The freezer is a narrow strip but held all I needed.  I thought the place was very comfortable.
The shower looks new.  It is simple, but there is a place to sit. 
Everything is clean and well maintained.  Perhaps these were renovated not too long ago.
The coffee maker was a surprise.  I am carrying coffee with me but not filters.  There was hotel coffee provided, but this machine will make my own coffee, so I asked housekeeping for some filters and she brought me a nice pile that will last me easily for my stay.
It could get noisy here, but it has not. I have slept easily.  There is daylight through the edges of the window curtain and the train sound of housekeeping rolling their sheets, but the workers don't shout back and forth.
 The AC/heat system acts as white noise. 
I guess if I just had a light carryon I would choose and upper room, but all the junk I want to unload and keep safe in the room as well as a heavy cooler, sleep apnea machine,  boom box, computer makes it more convenient to be on the ground floor even if once in a while someone talks a bit too loud outside my door during a midday nap.

The location to casinos is just grand.  The IP is a B-Connected casino where points earned on the card can be used in Vegas and vice versa. To get there I hop on I-10, cross a bridge over water and immediately get off, turn right, and I am there.  No traffic.  Other casino access may come with traffic.
For the newest of Biloxi casinos, the Scarlet Pearl, I don't even have to take the bridge.  I just run down a city street, turn, and there it is.
My first night I drove through a torrential rain and wind storm and was happy to have the IP so close.  The Pearl would have been more difficult because the self parking I prefer is outside and a bit of a walk to the casino.  I'd have gone Valet, but perhaps those spots would have quickly filled.

I do wish they had a better marking on the entrance road.  There is one road that is a false road that is first when coming off the I-10 expressway from the casino.  Then at night the other entrances are hard to see, blending into the black top of the highway.  Even a small reflector would help.  On one is a small blue sign that does not project over two bushes and so is easy to miss. 

I also did have a slight leakage of tobacco smoke through the vents and into the bathroom.  Behind me here are smoking rooms.  I might ask for a room more isolated, but in truth it has not bothered me much, and when I sense it, I close the bathroom door.  Cooking bacon also covers it up, a sort of natural Febreeze.  I had this for only a day or so at the beginning and then I expect those folks went away and smoked up their car rather than the hotel room.
I do like the room facing the back as the parking is easier.  I have room number 121 and I like that.

There were just enough plugs, but carrying a three way splitter is also a good idea when traveling.  There were not those handy plugs built into the llighting.
Along side the bed were two lights operated with a hand switch.  This was very convenient.  so many places have these lights controlled by a central switch on some wall.  In bed with my sleep apnea mask all adjusted, I don't want to get up to adjust the light and if I go to the bathroom in the dark, I want that simple switch to work and not be cut off by some other.
The lights at the door allow for some variety of lighting with three switches controlling various lights. I like that set up.  One switch turns on two lights but they have their own switches as well.
The television has a good selection of stations but sadly not TCM.
The wifi worked well but was hard to log into for me at least and I had to log into it every 24 hours.  What happens is the log in page does not easily come up.  I have to put something in the google.  Here is was
 for some reason.  I have this happen in hotels often.  It takes a while to get the log in posted.  I don't know why.  In my last computer the log in sheet came up easily and right away.
Book on line early because the place fills up.  I saw walk ins turned away.


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