Monday, June 9, 2014


March 5 thursday 3 Am

I am up so late because I overslept my nap.

Well I lost tonight pretty bad.
Boomtown had no game.
The Hard Rock had the same spread limit game, but no one treated it much like a spread limit and more like a four-eight. Also, they were wildly loose. So I lost. Jennifer, a funny cute dealer was the loosest and drove the pots up. She could have been beaten easily, but I had not cards. Once I folded an inside straight draw on the turn only to see the ten come on the river and that would have brought me even for the night.
Finally, I gave the bad beat another chance and ran into a table full of dealers. I did poorly here also and lost again.

So I am down sixty seven now for the trip.

It is very quiet here and that is part of the problem. There are no loose players on vacation. All these folks play often in one way or another and they are hard to beat especially against the high rake.
The Isle would not reduce the rake after two am, so I left and the game broke up.

At the Hard Rock I had a wild experience. The restrooms shared the sink area. So when I walked into the HIS section I needed to see a small sign on yet another door. Instead I turned into the sinks and started looking for urinals. Finding no urinals I exited to find that I had actually been on the women's side. This was very bizarre. It is so easy to get confused I will bet it happens to others also.

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