Monday, June 9, 2014


Well, greenville has been a bit of a bust. Harlow's that offered the great poker rate can't seem to get a game going. They have cut their hours back and don't open until four, but at six I could not see anyone playing yet, just a very short list.

I broke even playing around at some nickel video poker and got a nice little key chain that will be very unusual.

l almost stayed at Diamond Jacks for another night in Vicksburg and that would have been a good choice.
I also tried to get a meal at Buck's twice and no luck finding it open. I will try once more tomorrow but I am tired of how much is just closed here. Downtown no music until Thursday and nothing really to see or do.

So I am dumping this part of the journey and heading up early to Tunica and Memphis where I may meet up with Keith who is there watching basketball. He may even have room to put me up a night. If not I'll do the weekend in Memphis either near Beale street or near that dog track. Probably near Beale if I can find a good place to stay.

the morning started fine. I took an hour or so and toured the Vicksburg Civil War museum and it was a fine tour. I bought a CD and it was just like it was in Gettysburg. Very impressive too was a ship that had been sunk by confederates and was recovered and pieces back together. The monuments were impressive and the stories on the tape quite interesting.

With 3,000 dead on the battlefield they called a cease fire while they buried the dead and the two enemy soldiers traded and visited each other. So strange. War is a good bit like poker with much higher stakes.

I was interested in a song about pea bread which was what they ate. It was very hard. Peas were ground to make the fake flour.

I found a good motel for tonight. Only $30 plus tax. tomorrow I'll start off for Clarksdale, see the museum and end up at Harrah's Tunica where I got some rooms for the $35 a night I found for later. That will give me a couple days to search Memphis for the weekend nights as the casino is too expensive for that probably because of the poker gathering.

Well, I'm tired I have been narrowing down the hotels to take a look at and now it is time for sleep.

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