Monday, June 9, 2014


Finding some free wifi at the Hollywood Diner in Tunica, I decided to go back and post some of my saved and organized photos.

No cheesy rides when you visit Dan. I was chaufered all over Lake Charles and Westlake in this fine 1994 Fleetwood Caddie. A real Vegas type experience.

Dan took me to the Sam Houstan park and showed me a fine cypress swamp. The water was low and we could see how the trunks of the trees bulge below water level. This is a fine building wood but it was overcut.

Here is Dan

These geese were very loud and territorial. They were a good bit of fun, but I did not get too close.

Here is some wall detail at Steamboat Billy's where we went so Dan could teach me what real crawfish taste like and how they are eaten. This variety was called hot and spicy and it was really good. The spice was close to the Phillips spice, but I liked it whereas I don't like the Phillips that is used on crab and such up North.

Dna and the crawfish

Dan also took me to the Cajun Kitchen for a taste of the local Cajun food. This is a very relaxed and interesting place built in an old warehouse with the inner structure left for decoration.

From the L'Auberge parking garage we could see across to where Dan once worked to keep the roads clear and graveled. An oil tanker was just down the water.

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