Monday, June 9, 2014


Well, these photos were hidden in the recesses of my computer and I don't think they got posted before.
This Civil War memorial was much like Gettysburg. I bought a CD which took me on an hour driving tour of the park and explained interesting facts and information. I am not a great one for war or miliary, but it was interesting.
There is no representation of the navy in Gettysburg, but this park had the USS Cairo which was salvaged and as well as possible reassembled right in the park. It was an amazing sight.

Here is a site that has more professional photos


These were the boilers that often blew up and scalded the crew.

I think these are the remnants of paddle wheels

This next one is the African American monument. These are rare in our parks for this era of our history.
This was a tunnel dug out as part of the Yankee strategy

In this house a farming family was caught in middle of the battle. It is being restored. It is the only house left on the battlefield.

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