Monday, June 9, 2014


My timing was not right to catch blues at juke joints in Clarkesville and I was worried about being to tough neighborhoods with a van full of stuff and Ny plates anyway.

but the Blues museum was really a fine display. Each musician had a little display case full of instruments, some information, and perhaps a piece of art. It was a real museum of artifacts rather than just a place to blow up notes on big billboards.

Most impressive was Muddy's house, a renovated old shack built in slave times. The old section had been reassembled in the museum, and a collage of harmonicas signed by the players. I could not take photos in the museum.

and some shots in downtown Clarkesdale. Anything for sale was tourist overpriced,

Except the pulled books at this library. seventy five cents got me a couple.
At the crossroads where blues began I had a recommended barbecue and it was yummy.

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