Monday, June 9, 2014


It seems that Washington La has taken on collecting speeding tickets as their main source of revenue. I wish I had read a bit on speed trap sites before I went there. At least it makes me understand my ticket.
the town actually changed its borders to allow the police to sit out on Highway 49 and wait for speeders. There is not issue of safety here because no roads go off I 49. They have made a good deal out of it. The police have fine equipment, even smoking and nonsmoking new police cars.
Well, at least I am tipped off to planning a trip using the speed trap search boards. Road trips are new to me. I never thought to do that before traveling.

No issues today. A couple hours up highway 61 and I am in Greenville. The real speed trap is south of here on that route, but I'll make sure to watch the signs anyway. Some of the localities use just barely visible drops from high speeds to say 35. I'll look for those reduce speed ahead signs and brake to 35 automatically instead of letting the car coast down. The cops could be just around the bend.

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